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Pre-order incentive, also known as pre-order bonus, is a marketing tactic in which a retailer or manufacturer/publisher of a product (usually a book or video game) encourages buyers to reserve a copy of the product at the store prior to its release.

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The bonus is granted automatically upon submission of the coupon code in the cashier. Given that the bonus is a free bonus, the casino limits withdraw of winnings to $100, one time per player.

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2. belonging to a particular individual or group and to no other; not shared: exclusive rights; an exclusive story. 3. belonging to or catering for a privileged minority, esp a fashionable clique: an exclusive restaurant. 4. (foll by: to) limited (to); found only (in): this model is exclusive to Harrods.

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An executive search firm is a type of professional service firm that specializes in recruiting executives and other senior personnel for their client companies in various industries.

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Exclusive of definition is - not taking into account. How to use exclusive of in a sentence.

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as a bonus would suffice. Bonus already means something extra, and is derived from the Latin bonus (good). Bonus already means something extra, and is derived from the Latin bonus (good). as an added bonus is informal since it has a redundancy .

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The exclusive lecture system is intolerable, and the same is true of the quiz. There is no worse method than that of exclusive lecturing by the instructor. She would be received in the most exclusive Courts of Europe.

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An "exclusive" offer is supposedly made to only a few people; not so many years ago, "exclusive" housing developments excluded those of a certain race or color. If a product is being sold …

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exclusive of bonus payments, you will earn this amount 9 (Commerce) (of a contract, agreement, etc.) binding the parties to do business only with each other with respect to a class of goods or services

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